Local Rate Option

At New Braunfels Moving Company, we supply options when it comes to pricing your move! Choose from our hourly rate or an itemized flat rate that matches your budget.

Hourly Rate Option

Unlike most companies, our hourly rate starts at the arrival of your home, not when we leave our office. Our time stops once all items are off of our trucks and loaded into your new place.​

Itemized Rate Option

With our itemized flat rates, we keep our pricing simple! We gather a list of furniture and boxes to be moved with our customer, give the option of disassembly/reassembly on the furniture, and consider the distance between the pickup and drop-off. On the day of the move, we provide a walk through with the checklist, carefully making sure everything is accounted for on our list. If something was unaccounted for, we'll quickly add it on and let you know the updated price immediately. If you decide to remove something from the list, we'll gladly update the price just as fast. Ask us about our free in-home visuals!

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