Do you offer military discounts?

Absolutely! Just let us know, and we will be glad to show our gratitude for your service!

Do your workers have to undergo background checks?

Yes. Everyone in our company has to pass a background check before they are able to be employed.

Storage Specific

Are your storage units climate controlled?

We do not offer climate controlled but our temperature does not exceed over 80 degrees in that warehouse.

Do you have individual storage units?

Our storage is an open warehouse. It is more for customers who need us to hold their things while they make a transition in purchasing a home, wait for it to be complete, etc. Everything is recorded inventoried, vaulted, sealed, and secure. No one can touch or see your stuff.

For Business

Do you offer any protection packages or insurance for businesses?

We have standard coverage but we can help with getting additional coverage if needed. People who have high value pieces they do choose to go this route.

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