Specialty Items Moving Service

New Braunfels Moving Company is dedicated to the safe and prompt delivery of any specialty items. Our experienced and professional movers will ensure that specialty items and belongings are not only wrapped carefully, but also reach their destination safely.

Pianos: New Braunfels Moving Company offers complete piano moving services for all types of pianos.

We understand that a piano is an owner’s prized possession. So when you need to safely relocate your piano, you can trust New Braunfels Moving Company’s skilled and professional movers. Whether you just need us to move your piano from one room to another or to an entirely different location, we handle your piano with care.

Safes: Moving a safe can be a difficult and dangerous job. Consider us as your local professional safe movers who will make sure the job done right. We have the equipment and the experience to relocate your safe anywhere!

Wall Mounts: We specialize in moving a wall mounts or a complete trophy room across town or across Texas.

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