We use industry leading safety standards when it comes to your move. We make sure to pad wrap furniture and valuable items to ensure everything is transported safely. It is the first and most important steps we take as professionals in this industry. We use high-grade pads made with a densely woven poly-cotton high thread count to ensure your furniture and valuables are protected from getting damaged.

Our dollies are custom made with a specific type of rubber wheel to provide protection for wood floors.

We put the same team in charge of your move throughout the entire process. This ensures only having to give important instructions once, giving you the peace of mind you deserve. All of our movers have passed extensive background checks to ensure it.

Packing Services

If you get overwhelmed with the process of packing, or overestimated the amount you had to prepare, we can come in the day before or the day of your move to do it for you! Our team of movers are experts! We are highly experienced in packing all home goods, fine china, glass and any valuable items you might possess. We use high-grade packing material to guarantee your items arrive to it’s new destination in one piece.

If you still prefer to pack items yourself, we’ll gladly deliver any packing material for you to your front door prior to the move date.

Local Moving Services

Local Rate Option

At New Braunfels Moving Company, we supply options when it comes to pricing your move! Choose from our hourly rate or an itemized flat rate that matches your budget.

Hourly Rate Option

Unlike most companies, our hourly rate starts at the arrival of your home, not when we leave our office. Our time stops once all items are off of our trucks and loaded into your new place.​

Itemized Rate Option

With our itemized flat rates, we keep our pricing simple! We gather a list of furniture and boxes to be moved with our customer, give the option of disassembly/reassembly on the furniture, and consider the distance between the pickup and drop-off. On the day of the move, we provide a walk through with the checklist, carefully making sure everything is accounted for on our list. If something was unaccounted for, we’ll quickly add it on and let you know the updated price immediately. If you decide to remove something from the list, we’ll gladly update the price just as fast. Ask us about our free in-home visuals!

Statewide Moving Services

We Provide a Texas Statewide Moving Service!

If you are moving within the state of Texas, New Braunfels Moving Company would be happy to take wherever your life or career takes you! We continue our customer-centric process of relocation through our processes so we can provide customers with a seamless and unforgettable state-wide moving experience. We understand that moving far away can be stressful for you and your family. Let us apply our specialized knowledge and do what we do best – relocating you into your new home in an efficient, professional and stress-free way.

Our moving software allows us to easily list your items, view the scale of your move and price it correctly. Since moving is our specialty, on the big day we will have the right truck for your items as well as one that will cover the distance. We put the same team in charge of your move throughout the entire process. This ensures only having to give important instructions once, giving you the peace of mind you deserve. With simple logistical planning and communication, our movers will arrive on time with your belongings safely on board with no overnight hold-overs due to home closings or traveling delays like some movers require.

Wherever life takes you, we’ll be there every step of the way. If you need same day delivery, that is never a problem with us. Just ask!

Business Service

We understand that the moving needs of your business are going to be unique. We are the experts in relocating any type of business. From a one-man office to a large corporate facility, our logistic experience is second to none. We efficiently disassemble and reassemble office furniture to get your business back up and running quickly.

As a small business ourselves, we understand the importance of getting a company relocated in a smooth and professional manner to ensure the daily operation you and others depend on. For that, a business needs an efficient, reliable moving company with experienced movers to quickly help them get back to business! Call our office today to schedule a free in-office visual.

Commercial Services Include:
  • Floor Protection
  • Packing and Unpacking
  • Inventory Services
  • Disassembly and reassembly of office work stations and/or cubicles
  • Handling of specialty machinery (ie: commercial printers, scanners, etc.)

New Braunfels Moving Company is a fully insured and licensed moving company in Central Texas. All of our drivers have gone through extensive background checks to ensure the security of your company as well.

Specialty Items Moving Service

New Braunfels Moving Company is dedicated to the safe and prompt delivery of any specialty items. Our experienced and professional movers will ensure that specialty items and belongings are not only wrapped carefully, but also reach their destination safely.

◾ Pianos: New Braunfels Moving Company offers complete piano moving services for all types of pianos.

We understand that a piano is an owner’s prized possession. So when you need to safely relocate your piano, you can trust New Braunfels Moving Company’s skilled and professional movers. Whether you just need us to move your piano from one room to another or to an entirely different location, we handle your piano with care.

◾ Safes: Moving a safe can be a difficult and dangerous job. Consider us as your local professional safe movers who will make sure the job done right. We have the equipment and the experience to relocate your safe anywhere!

◾ Wall Mounts: We specialize in moving a wall mounts or a complete trophy room across town or across Texas.

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